Accessories for CRD180, 183, 184, 185

Single Bushing Stand (Large Bushings)


Bushing stand.  Holds five (5) large bushings.








Single Bushings

$125.00 each
  • LB500: 1/2"(12.5mm)OD
  • LB562: 9/16"(14.5mm)OD
  • LB625: 5/8"(16mm)OD
  • LB750: 3/4"(3mm)OD
  • LB1.000: 1"(4mm)OD
  • LB1.125: 1-1/8"(5mm)OD
  • LB1.250: 1-1/4"(5.5mm)OD
  • LB1.375: 1-3/8"(6mm)OD
  • LB1.500: 1-1/2"(38mm)OD

Slide Block with Rotating Stop Arm

P/N: CD185-027


Rotating stop arm allows for accurate cutting of 1.625" to 3" lengths.

Large Adjustable Stop Pin


Adjustable stop pin, used for all cut lengths shorter than 1.625".

Power Supply


Class 2 AC to DC Transformer, 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD, input= 120VAC-230VAC 60 Hz 20W, output= 24VDC 1000mA, 6' cord, 2 prong plug, UL Listed.

Full Bushing Set (Large Bushings)

P/N: BS200

Five (5) bushing sizes and one (1) bushing stand.

Large Chevron Blades

P/N: CB200
$25.00 each
Durable, Angled Cutting Blades, Hardened Stainless Steel.

Electric Foot Switch

P/N: P00159

Cast housing. Nonskid base pad. Complete with adjustable strain relief connector. Black finish.An internal strain relief clamp is provided that accepts a wide range of cable sizes.

Foot Pedal Guard

P/N: P00600

Foot pedal enclosure to prevent accidental activation.


European Power Supply


Class 2 AC to DC Transformer, 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD, input= 90 VAC ~ 264 VAC 30W, output= 24VDC 1250mA, 5’ cord, 5 plug types.