Pass Through Window Photo Gallery


At Clean Room Devices, we know that our customers are just as proud of their facilities as we are of our products.  Some of our customers have provided pictures of their pass-through windows.  If you would like to share photos of CRD pass-through windows in your facility, we would be honored to host your pictures here.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CRD320 Pass-through Window








Our CRD320 Electric Pass-through Window is designed to work with conveyor systems. 

As you can see, it also works just as well as a stand-alone window.









CRD320 Pass-through Window


    The maintenance side of a CRD320        The clean room side of a CRD320 setup.  Please note that the enclosures were

                                                                                         designed, fabricated and installed by the customer.

 CRD325 Flush-mount Pass-through Window


          The maintenance side of a CRD325 installation                         The clean room side of a CRD325 installation. 

Please note how the customer was able to mount their stainless steel counters flush to either side of the window.

CRD315 Large Pass-through Window







The CRD315 Large Pass-Through Window.  If you require an observation window for unobstructed view, please see the CRD316 Large Pass-through Window with Observation Window.