CRD336 Large Flush Mount Electric Pass-Through Window For Conveyors



The CRD336 automatic pass-through window provides an automated means to transfer goods and materials between interior facility walls. The CRD336 is designed to work in conjunction with a conveyor on one or both sides flush to the wall, making it an excellent choice for systems that automatically transfer materials or goods from the clean room to the packaging room, and vice versa. This unit features a built in conveyor roller allowing items to simply roll across the window sill.

Our CRD336 window opens automatically by the sensors mounted on the side of the window and/or conveyor sensors.The window can be opened manually on the clean room side by passing a hand in front of the sensor mounted on the wall plate. The observation window allows easy visual access to the other side of wall, making this the perfect conveyor pass-through-window system for medical facilities and the like.

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Technical Specifications

  • Features an unpowered conveyor roller built into the window sill.
  • Features automatic window operation by sensors on the side of the window and/or conveyor sensors and manual operation by passing a  hand over the sensor on the clean room side wall plate.
  • 120-240 volts AC required (non pneumatic).
  • Window requires wall opening of 75.5” High x 43.5” Wide.
  • Actual window opening is 30” High x 36” Wide.
  • The observation window is 30″ high x 36″ wide and located above the pass through window.
  • For safety, the window will stay open until hands are clear.
  • Constructed with quality-crafted clean room compatible materials; 304 stainless steel and 3/16″ tempered glass.
  • Overall Size 80″ High x 48″ Wide.

This window model requires a 4 7/8″ +/- 1/8″ wall thickness for installation.


Please contact us at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

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