CRD400SS Fitting Inserter with Stainless Steel Cover

Features custom clear anodized parts. Please call for deteails and pricing.


The CRD400SS Medical Tubing Fitting Inserter is now available with a stainless steel cover and is designed to install tubing on any part with a barbed fitting. It is optimal for complex geometry that is inherent in Y, T, and union fittings, as well as in air switches and manifolds. The CRD400SS features a rotating nest that allows an operator to install tubing on multi-barb fittings. This plastic medical tubing fitting inserter also features a robust clamping and thrusting motion to ensure accuracy and strength.

CE Certified: The CRD400SS is now available as a CE certified model. Please contact us for details at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Please contact us for pricing and availability (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Technical Specifications

  • Accommodates tubing from 3/32” to 1-3/8” O.D.
  • Designed for most fittings with complex geometries.
  • Rotating nest for multi-barb fittings.
  • 5-minute downtime to reconfigure for a different fitting/tubing combination.
  • Compatible with most flexible tubing used in the medical industry.
  • Power supplies for both North America (120VAC) and Europe (230VAC) to be specified at the time of order.
  • 90 days parts and labor warranty; see user’s manual for warranty details.
CRD400 Label


Please contact us at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

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