CRD600AF Automatic Fitting Inserter With Vibratory Bowl



The CRD600 Automatic Fitting Inserter is an ergonomic assembly device that inserts a fitting into the end of a flexible tube. This tubesetter uses smart relay technology and pneumatic action to achieve precise repeatable action. Throughput will improve, and repetitive stress hand injuries will decrease. With the addition of our auto-feed system, an operator can insert fittings for hours without pausing to refill the magazine. This will give the operator the ability to output up to 1800 fittings per hour. An optional alcohol dispenser is available.

CE Certified: The CRD600AFI is now available with a CE certified CRD600 Fitting Inserter. Please contact us for details at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Please contact us for pricing and lead times (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Technical Specifications

  • Accommodates tubing from 3/32” to 9/16” O.D.
  • Designed for all straight fittings.
  • Throughput of up to1800 units per hour.
  • 2-minute downtime to reconfigure for a different fitting/tubing combination.
  • Compatible with most flexible tubing.
  • Optional alcohol dispenser is available.
  • Fitting inserter power supplies for both North America (120VAC) and Europe (230VAC) to be specified at the time of order.
  • 90 days parts and labor warranty; see user’s manual for warranty details.


Please contact us at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

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