Clean Room & Medical Material Pass-Through-Windows | Auto & Manual

Fully automatic electric pass-thru windows. Extremely versatile in all types of clean room environments, fully modular, installs in minutes, and allows efficient and easy transfer of materials in and out of the cleanroom.

At Clean Room Devices, we provide our clients with the most cost-effective and efficient methods of moving materials between interior facility walls with our assortment of pass-through window options. We have a worldwide customer base in the biomedical industry, and our clients know they can rely on our high-quality pass-through windows to keep their clean rooms appropriately separated from packaging rooms and other interior spaces. With our solid reputation as an innovative and trusted developer and supplier of pass-through windows and medical materials, you can count on Clean Room Devices to deliver the highest quality products to your medical facility or business.

Clean Room Devices offers a variety of pass-through windows for hospitals and other medical clean rooms. Our windows are available in both automatic and manual models, and are ideal for all clean rooms. Pass-through windows from Clean Room Devices are an excellent choice for pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, hospital instrument washup areas, and surgical rooms, but their uses are not limited to the medical field. The pass-through windows we produce are ideal for any manufacturing clean room environment. Need to move materials from a clean room to the packaging room? We produce conveyor pass-through windows that provide contactless support to your manufacturing process. Our windows will fit the needs of your workflow while meeting industry requirements. Browse our assortment of pass-through windows, and contact Clean Room Devices if you have any questions. Our experts can help you choose the right pass-through windows for your clean room needs.