Our History

Our History

Clean Room Devices, Inc. was born in 2005 in Denver, Colorado. We began life as a problem-solving company and we remain so today. This About Us introduction chronicles our early life from birth into adolescence and development as we adapt to changes in the marketplace. Because the nature of our business is to solve problems for our customers, we are continually updating, upgrading, and adapting to their needs.

Our first customers came from the clean rooms of medical device companies where the handling, cutting, and insertion of fittings into flexible medical tubing slowed production and suffered high incidences of musculoskeletal disorders brought about by continued repetitive actions. Our technical staff has over 70 years of experience solving just such problems, and we know that what often looks like an easy assembly on the design screen can be a nightmare in the assembly area. To solve those problems, we developed a line of medical tubing cutters, tubing expanders which allow for easier fitting insertion, and fully-automatic tubing fitting inserters.

Although all of our medical tubing cutters, expanders, and fittings are clean room compatible, we began receiving inquiries from many industries that handle flexible tubing of all sorts, many of which had assembly rooms that did not require a clean room environment, but they liked the materials and precision of our tubing fitting, expanding and cutting devices. As word spread, we began to get inquiries from such diverse industries as the automotive industry air bed manufacturers, and even a portable water purification equipment manufacturer. Our modular pass-through windows are in use in many applications from pharmacies to assembly areas where an automatic pass-through is required outside the clean room environment.

We do not try to be all things to all firms, but as our slogan proclaims, we are “WHERE TUBING AND FITTINGS COME TOGETHER”. We urge you to send samples of your fitting/tubing combinations. We’ll perform a free evaluation in our laboratory and send you our recommendation for medical tubing expanders, cutters and fitting devices, along with the assembled combinations, and await your opinion of whether we were able to solve your problem or not.

While many companies proclaim that they are Built to Last, we are also Built to Evolve so that we can remain at the forefront of solving customer problems. We know that every length of tubing must come to an end.