Tubing Expanders

Tubing Expanders | Pneumatic & Heated Expanders


Dependable air pressure regulator/gauge and lock nut provide simple adjustments. Ergonomic foot pedal operation.

Expands tubing sized .040” to 1⁄2” inside diameter (I.D.)


Expands tubing sized 1/4” to 3/4” inside diameter (I.D.)


Time-Delay Electro-Pneumatic

Ensures repeatability. Sensor or foot pedal options; stainless steel construction.

Expands tubing sized .040” to 1⁄2” inside diameter (I.D.)


Expands tubing sized 1/4” to 3/4” inside diameter (I.D.)



Ideal for tubing with latex and silicone tubing with high memory. Holds tubing open, allowing for easier insertion of large fittings.

  • Powder coat/Stainless steel options
  • Optional Narrow Base
  • 3/32” to a maximum of 1 1/2” wide


  • Only stainless steel
  • Expands from 1⁄4” to a maximum of 2” wide



Allows barbed fittings to be installed in stiffer tubing that would otherwise split from the fitting insertion.


Tube expanders allow for extremely efficient fitting installation. Expanders can easily expand most plastic and rubber tubing. Expanding tube prior to fitting installation helps prevent operator fatigue and mitigates injury.

Around the world, biomedical industry professionals have come to trust the value and reliability of clean room products from Clean Room Devices. Our clients represent experts in the biomedical field, but are not limited to that area. From Mexico to Australia, we provide our quality tube expanders to contractors, manufacturers, hospitals, and other medical facilities. We offer an assortment of tube expanders that fit a variety of industrial needs. 

Tubing expanders from Clean Room Devices perform controlled internal expanding in the end of most plastic and rubber tubing materials, including large-diameter tubing. Foot pedals and air cylinders increase the size of the tubing, allowing for an easy insertion process. Once the tubing recovers and reaches its original size, you’ll find a secure fit between the tube and its counterpart. Our medical tubing expanders also feature a stainless steel base and clean room compatible construction. All of our tube expanders have stainless steel jaws to keep tubing free from contamination during the expanding process. Tube expanders from Clean Room Devices feature pressure gauges, accurate jaw gap adjustment mechanisms, and time delay relays to set expansion time, enabling the tube expansion process to be repeated with accuracy. We also provide our clients with the choice of a flexible tube expander to be used with either tapered or straight jaws, and a plastic tube expander that works with any plastic tubing, from PVC to urethane. Our tube expanders are suitable for any manufacturing environment, but they are specifically compatible with clean room environments. 

Whether you’re looking for pneumatic, heated, or jaw expanders, contact our representatives at Clean Room Devices today for more information about our products and their availability.