4 Jaw Expander

CRD520 4 Jaw Tubing Expander


The 4-Jaw Tube Expander allows larger barbed fittings to be installed in silicone or latex tubing, with the inserted fitting being scooped off of the jaws in one easy motion. A controlled internal expanding operation of the tubing will spread the tubing up to a maximum of 2” wide. The robust air cylinder that performs the expanding operation is driven by a foot pedal. After expansion, a secure fit is formed as the tubing recovers to its original size. The CRD520SS is also ideal for expanding latex tubing as well. This unit also features a fully stainless steel base.

Medical tube expander: Our tube expanders are well suited for medical tube expansion operations.  They feature clean room compatible construction and are able to expanding medical tubing accurately, with highly repeatable results.  All of our tube expanders feature stainless steel jaws to prevent contamination during expansion.  Also, are expanders are extremely easy to validate.  Our expanders are equipped with pressure gauges and accurate jaw gap adjustment mechanisms.  This makes tube expansion very repeatable.

Flexible tube expander:  Our tube expanders are capable of expanding many types of flexible tubing.  Our flexible tubing expanders can be used with either tapered or straight jaws, depending on the type of tubing to be expanded.

Plastic tube expander: Our tube expanders will expand many types of plastic tubing including PVC, urethane and many types of thermoplastics.