Medical Tubing Cutters | Automated & Multi Angle Tube Cutters

High volume cutting on your tabletop. Our quality clean room supply store has medical tubing cutters that span all industries and nearly all tube sizes and will allow quick, accurate cuts where precision is paramount.

If your business has a need for high-quality, medical grade tube cutters, Clean Room Devices has the right assortment of products to meet your needs. We bring our high standard of service and innovative products to biomedical industry clients all over the world. From Mexico to Australia, our global clientele values our superior clean room products and our impeccable standards. 

Clean Room Devices offers an assortment of tube cutters suitable for all medical and manufacturing needs. Our medical tube cutters feature clean room compatible construction, using stainless steel blades for contaminant-free cutting. Medical tube cutters from Clean Room Devices have both metric and imperial scales. 

Our flexible tube cutters cut both pre-cut tubing and tubing from a spool. For cutting PVC, urethane, or other types of thermoplastics, we manufacture a plastic tube cutter to take care of those needs. All of our cutters are designed for precision and speed in any environment they are used in. Our easy-to-operate, ergonomic tube cutters have thousands of hours of proven accuracy and effectiveness. Whether used in the medical field or in another industry, our tube cutters are made with the highest standards of quality, and have earned a strong reputation for accuracy and precision. From electro-pneumatic cutters to V-notch cutters, Clean Room Devices has the tube cutter that all biomedical and manufacturing industries can rely on. Please contact us for more information about our products and their availability.