Heated Expanders

CRD216SS Time Delay Heated Tubing Expander


This stainless steel, time delay heated tubing expander allows barbed fittings to be installed in stiffer tubing that would otherwise split from the fitting insertion. A controlled internal expanding operation on the semi-rigid (nylon, ethylene, Teflon, etc.) tubing occurs at 150° – 350°F. With the special time delay option, manufacturing and process engineers can validate the repeatability of the tube expansion. This will eliminate variability between operators. The CRD216SS flexible tubing expander goes one step further and has a fully stainless steel base. The powerful air cylinder that performs the expanding operation is driven by a foot pedal. After expansion, a secure fit is formed as the tubing cools and recovers to its original size.

Medical tube expander: Our tube expanders are well suited for medical tube expansion operations.  They feature clean room compatible construction and are able to expanding medical tubing accurately, with highly repeatable results.  All of our tube expanders feature stainless steel jaws to prevent contamination during expansion.  Also, are expanders are extremely easy to validate.  Our expanders are equipped with pressure gauges, accurate jaw gap adjustment mechanisms and time delay relays to set expansion time.  This makes tube expansion very repeatable.  Our heated tube expanders are well suited for expanding semi-rigid tubing such as Teflon, nylon and ethylene.

Flexible tube expander:  Our tube expanders are capable of expanding many types of flexible tubing.  Our flexible tubing expanders can be used with either tapered or straight jaws, depending on the type of tubing to be expanded.

Plastic tube expander: Our tube expanders will expand many types of plastic tubing including PVC, urethane and many types of thermoplastics.