CRD201 Time Delay Tubing Expander With Foot Pedal



The CRD201 time delay tubing expander performs a controlled internal expanding operation in the end of most flexible tubing. The foot pedal and robust air cylinder will perform an expanding operation, increasing the size of the tubing and allowing ease of inserting the fitting, as well as securing the fit as the specialty tubing recovers to its original size. With the special time delay option, manufacturing and process engineers can validate the repetitiveness of the tube expansion. This will eliminate variability between operators. This medical tubing expander also features a stainless steel base, as well as a “Hold Open” feature to make jaw spacing adjustments easier.

CE Certified: The CRD201 is now available as a CE certified model. Please contact us for details at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Medical tube expander: Our tube expanders are well suited for medical tube expansion operations.  They feature clean room compatible construction and are able to expand medical tubing accurately, with highly repeatable results.  All of our tube expanders feature stainless steel jaws to prevent contamination during expansion.  Also, our expanders are extremely easy to validate.  They are equipped with pressure gauges, accurate jaw gap adjustment mechanisms, and time delay relays to set expansion time.  This makes tube expansion very repeatable.

Flexible tube expander:  Our tube expanders are capable of expanding many types of flexible tubing.  Our flexible tubing expanders can be used with either tapered or straight jaws, depending on the type of tubing to be expanded.

Plastic tube expander: Our tube expanders will expand many types of plastic tubing including PVC, urethane and many types of thermoplastics.

Please contact us for pricing and availability (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Technical Specifications

  • The CRD201 will expand most flexible tubing material (including non-metallic braided tubing) from .040″ to 1/2″ inside diameter (I.D.).
  • Ability to adjust the jaw open time from 0.5 to 5 seconds. Optional time delays are available for jaw open times up to 25 seconds, please call for details.
  • Ergonomic foot pedal operation.
  • Includes a “Hold Open” feature which keep the jaws open, making it easier to make jaw spacing adjustments.
  • Dependable air pressure regulator/gauge and lock nut provide simple adjustments.
  • Power supplies for both North America (120VAC) and Europe (230VAC) to be specified at the time of order.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Specify jaw type and size when ordering.
  • 90 days parts and labor warranty; see user’s manual for warranty details.


Please contact us at (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

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