CRD100 Tubing Cutter

Call or email with questions.

Call or Email with Questions

This semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic table-top device is designed for precision and speed in the production environment. The electric foot pedal makes this medical tubing cutter ergonomically friendly and easy to operate. This precision-crafted industrial and clean room product has several thousand hours of proven operational effectiveness.

Unwind Stand

P/N: CRD000-103
The Unwind Stand will hold spools of tubing or wire up to 12 inches in diameter. Anodized and powder-coated finish for compatibility in cleanroom environments.

Full Bushing Set

P/N: BS100
Bushing stand. Holds six (6) large bushings.

Single Bushing Stand

Bushing stand.

Single Bushings (Chevron Blade)
  • B062: 1/16″(1.5mm)OD
  • B093: 3/32″(2.5mm)OD
  • B125: 1/8″(3mm)OD
  • B156: 5/32″(4mm)OD
  • B187: 3/16″(5mm)OD
  • B218: 7/32″(5.5mm)OD
  • B250: 1/4″(6mm)OD
  • B280: 9/32″(7mm)OD
  • B312: 5/16″(8mm)OD
  • B375: 3/8″(10mm)OD
  • B437: 7/16″(11mm)OD
  • B500: 1/2″(12mm)OD
  • B562: 9/16″(14.5mm)OD

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Short Cut Razor Blades

P/N: RB100 (Pack of 10)
Stainless Steel razor blades used in conjunction with short cut bushing sets. Available in three (3) thicknesses: 0.012″, 0.008″, and 0.006″ for different applications.

Precision Stop for Short Cut

Adjustable stop pin, used for all cut lengths shorter than .925″.

Slide Block With Rotating Stop Arm

P/N: CD120-021
Rotating stop arm allows for accurate cutting of 1″ to 2-1/2″ lengths.

Slide Block With Rotating Stop Arm, For Cutters Without the Foot Pedal

P/N: CD100-041R
Rotating stop arm allows for accurate cutting of 1″ to 2-1/2″ lengths.

Chevron Blade

P/N: CB100
Durable, Angled Cutting Blades, Hardened Stainless Steel. 0.040″ Thickness.

Electric Foot Switch

P/N: P00159
Cast housing. Nonskid base pad. Complete with adjustable strain relief connector. Black finish.An internal strain relief clamp is provided that accepts a wide range of cable sizes.

Foot Pedal Guard

P/N: P00600
Foot pedal enclosure to prevent accidental activation.

Large Adjustable Stop Pin

Adjustable stop pin, used for all cut lengths shorter than 1.625″.

Power Supply

Class 2 AC to DC Transformer, 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD, input= 120VAC-230VAC 60 Hz 20W, output= 24VDC 1000mA, 6′ cord, 2 prong plug, UL Listed.

European Power Supply

Class 2 AC to DC Transformer, 2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD, input= 90 VAC ~ 264 VAC 30W, output= 24VDC 1250mA, 5’ cord, 5 plug types.


This semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic tabletop device is engineered for precision and rapid performance in production settings. Equipped with an electric foot pedal, this medical tubing cutter is ergonomically designed for ease of use. This meticulously engineered product, suitable for industrial and clean room environments, boasts several thousand hours of demonstrated operational reliability. The cutter comes with an accurate scale with inch and millimeter graduations and may be ordered with an optional certified scale (24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths only).

Medical tube cutter: Our tube cutters are well suited for medical tube cutting applications.  These models feature clean room-compatible construction and are equipped with stainless steel cutting blades to cut medical tubing without contamination.

Flexible tube cutter: Our tube cutters are capable of cutting many types of flexible tubing, whether pre-cut straight tubing, or tubing from a spool.

Plastic tube cutter: Our tube cutters will cut many types of plastic tubing including PVC, urethane and many types of thermoplastics.

An optional stainless steel electronics cover is available.

An optional wireless remote control is available for the CRD150 and CRD108

This cutter is available in 4 additional lengths:

  • CRD103 cuts up to 36″ lengths
  • CRD104 cuts up to 48″ lengths
  • CRD150 cuts up to 60″ lengths (Optional wireless remote control available)
  • CRD108 cuts up to 96″ lengths (Optional wireless remote control available)

Please contact us for pricing and availability (303) 438-0853 or Email our Sales Department

Technical Specifications

  • The CRD100 will cut most flexible tubing, non-metallic braided tubing and heat-shrink from sizes of 1/16″ (1.5mm) through 1/2″ (12.5mm).
  • A recommended durometer of Shore A 100, or less, will be cut very effectively without “burring”, tube deformation or excessive unit wear.
  • Easily interchangeable bushings; sizes range from 1/16” to 1/2”.
  • Minimum/maximum cut lengths range from 29/32″ to 24″.
  • Cut lengths down to 1/16″ can be obtained with adjustable stop pin (optional).
  • Power supplies for both North America (120VAC) and Europe (230VAC) to be specified at the time of order.
  • Requires 100-120 PSI air supply.
  • 90 days parts and labor warranty; see user’s manual for warranty details.